Bonnier International Magazines introduce tablet-only licensing.

For the first time in history of magazine publishing, you can now launch a successful magazine concept, in your market, without printing a single copy. Ever since our first magazine app for the iPad, Popular Science, our apps have just kept on evolving. Nowadays we feel our magazines speak for themselves.




Evolution of Magazines  Popular Science+

PopSci+ is the latest in science and technology, specifically designed for iPad, based on the original Popular Science. The print magazine is not quite the oldest in the world of its kind, launched back in 1872. The iPad version is however. Photos are more vibrant on the large, high-resolution iPad display. Stories are even more immersive thanks to iPad capabilities. And each issue is more fun to explore with Multi-Touch. With a tap, text disappears so you can focus on the amazing images. To dive into astory, just tap again and the text reappears. Jump between sections with a touch of a finger and swipe through pages in portrait or landscape.


Transworld Snowboarding in the app store  Transworld Snowboarding+

TransWorld Snowboarding+ is the new digital version of TransWorld Snowboarding magazine for your iPad. It’s just insane—a totally re-designed and enhanced version of the content from the mag that’s fully interactive. The image display is super vivid, it’s got exclusive embedded video, and the content flows like you’ve never seen in print. Navigation issimple, urging you to dig deeper into every issue. 


mama in the app store  mama+ 

Mama+ is the digital version of the successful parenting magazine mama. A magazine that first and foremost focuses on the mother from a glamorous lifestyle perspective although while doing so they are not digressing from the more everyday stuff that you have to take care of as a mother. Mama is both relaxingand challenging, funny, serious, up to date and they are always happy to stick out their neck in order to provoke a debate.

Popular Photography in the app store  Popular Photography+ 

Popular Photography is the world's largest photography magazine and the leading technical authority, buyers guide and how-to resource for the photo enthusiast. The iPad, with its stunning ability to display photos beautifully, is obviously a great environment  for housing a magazine about photography. Geared toward those who are passionate about photography, eachmonthly issue presents unmatched technical expertise and a wide range of articles on the technique, craft and equipment used in making outstanding images.



Science Illustrated in the app store  Science Illustrated+ 

Science Illustrated is Bonnier Corp.'s first U.S. launch of a title from its European parent company. Illustreret Videnskab (Danish for "Science Illustrated") is the highest-circulation magazine in Scandinavia and the flagship of Bonnier's European portfolio. Every issue is an upbeat, visually spectacular gateway to cutting-edge science, covering a tremendous range of subjects, from paleontology to space exploration, from medical breakthroughs to the latest environmental insights. Science Illustrated aims to report on the world of science in a way that's dynamic, engaging and accessible for all.





Sköna hem in the app store  sköna hem+

Sköna hem, Sweden's leading interior decorating magazine, has been sticking to its three core attributes – trends, tradition and quality – for more than 30 years. The magazine has constantly been showcasing the very latest trends in Scandinavian interior design while still paying special attention to the classical and traditional. With Sköna hem+ on the iPad the images really springs to life and your level of interaction with the beautiful photos and with all the wonderful homes showcased in the magazine is ten fold.




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